Privacy policy and cookies policy

Privacy policy and cookies policy of the website maintained on the domains and sub-domains of, and services provided by Fibar Group


  1. The present document regulates the Privacy policy and cookies policy of the website maintained on the domains and sub-domains of and services provided by Fibar Group (hereinafter referred to as the Website and Services). Fibar Group S.A. shall exercise due diligence in order to respect the privacy of the Website Users. By using the products, services, or websites of Fibar Group S.A. you accept the manner in which personal data is collected and used for the purposes described in the present document.
  2. The present Website and Services document is meant to be informative which means it not a source of obligations for the Service Recipients or the Website Clients.
  3. The Administrator of the personal data collected via the the products of the Website and Services is FIBAR GROUP Spółka Akcyjna (Joint stock company) with its registered office in Wysogotowo 62-081, Serdeczna 3 street; entered into the Register of Businesses of the National Court Register (KRS) kept by the District Court Poznań Nowe Miasto i Wilda in Poznań, VIII Commercial Division of the National Court Register under no.: 553265, NIP 7811858097, share capital 1,063,850 PLN, e-mail address -
  4. Personal data of the users is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (hereinafter referred to as the personal data protection act – PDPA) and the Act of 18 July 2002 on provision of services by electronic means
  5. The Administrator of personal data shall carefully exercise due diligence in order to protect the rights of the Users whose data is subject to processing and particularly shall ensure that the data is:
    • processed in accordance with the law,
    • collected for the purposes described in the present document which are in accordance with the law,
    • not subjected to further processing which is incompatible with the purposes stated above
    • factually correct and accurate in relation to the purposes for which they are processed
    • adequately secure,
    • stored in a manner which allows for the identification of the persons they pertain to but not longer than it is necessary to achieve the purpose of the processing
  6. Since the Administrator of personal data provides services all over the world and cooperates with partners all over the world, access to the data of our clients may be available to to partners in regions where laws regarding the collection and use of personal data may be different than the European law so one should remember that personal data will be transferred to other Countries, including the United States of America and by submitting your personal data the users consent to such transfers.
    Fibar Group S.A. is aware of the regulations contained in the Privacy Shield developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and European Commission to provide companies with mechanisms to comply with EU data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the European Union to the United States.


  1. In every instance, the purpose and the scope of the data processed by the Administrator is a result of the actions undertaken by the Service Recipient or the Client while using the services, products, or websites.
    The list of possible purposes of collecting personal data from Service Recipients or Clients by the Administrator includes:

    1. personalizing and adjusting our home automation services and products.
    2. improving customer service, the submitted information shall help us react to the requests and needs of the clients more effectively and offer support in delivering services.
    3. processing orders, warranty claims and payments from our users, independent dealers and distributors.
    4. launching special offers, competitions, reviews, and other functions
    5. performing market research about our users in order to improve our marketing campaigns and the content of our websites
    6. telephone contact with the Clients in order to discuss the services the Clients are using, access to your account or answering requests and questions
    7. other purposes if consent is given.
    8. presenting business offers
    9. sending the newsletter
    10. contract completion and providing services to the persons to whom they pertain.
    11. direct marketing of own products or services of the Administrator.
  2. The Administrator may process the following personal data of the Service Recipients or Clients:
    1. first and last name,
    2. address of residence,
    3. telephone number,
    4. e-mail address,
    5. IP address of the purchased device
    6. voice timbre (biometric data),
    7. device serial number,
    8. postcode.
    9. general localization data (country, city, region),
    10. types of devices used for accessing the website,
    11. usage statistics (eg. Time of usage, number of active users),
  3. Submitting the personal data enumerated above may be necessary to conclude and complete a Sale Agreement or an Electronic Service Provision via Website Agreement. In every instance, the scope of the data necessary to conclude an agreement is stated prior on the Website and in the Website Rules.
    The Administrator of personal data stipulates that, in accordance with the personal data protection act, they may entrust the processing of personal data of the Users whose data they administrate, to other companies so that they may properly complete their duties pertaining to hosting, administration, maintaining and managing the Website and Services, as well as redressing and addressing the circumstances of prohibited use of services provided electronically.


  1. Cookies are text files which are saved and stored in the memory of the device used to browse websites (eg. A personal computer, notebook, tablet, palmtop, mobile phone). After the files are saved a server, or servers connect to them to obtain appropriate access.
  2. The Website and Services uses cookies the purposes of:
    1. statistics,
    2. Website and Services configuration – they allow to set functions and services on the website,
    3. authentication – they may inform the user that they are logged in allowing the website to show appropriate information and functions.
    4. analyzing and researching the behaviors of users – cookies allow for the reading the users' preferences, and through their analysis, the improvement and development of products and services. Information gathering is anonymous, without identifying particular users, unless the user logs into the Client Panel and the settings of their terminal allow for such an identification.
    5. advertising – they enable advertisements which are more interesting for the users and may be personalized.
  3. By changing the settings of the software used to browse the Website the Users may define the conditions of storing and accessing cookies used by this Website, in particular they may choose to completely deactivate cookies.
  4. One should remember that deleting or blocking cookies may result in certain sections of the present website not working and displaying as intended.
  5. In order to change the settings pertaining to cookies one needs to adequately configure the software used for browsing the Website. Relevant information may be obtained by contacting the technical support of the said software or its supplier.
  6. Not modifying the settings of the software used for browsing the Website, in accordance with Article 173 (2) of the Law on Telecommunications, constitutes consent for the Website to use cookies for the purposes stated above.


  1. The submission of personal data by the Service Recipient or the Client is voluntary. The Administrator processes the data obtained on the basis of Article 23(1) of the personal data protection act in order to:
    • send business offers
    • send the newsletter
    • perform the contract and provide services to persons whom it concerns.


  1. The Service Recipient or Client has the right to access the content of their personal data and correct it.
  2. Every person has the right to control the processing of the data which pertains to them, contained in the Administrator's database, particularly the right to: demand a supplementing, updating, correction of personal data, temporary or permanent deletion of the data, if the data is incomplete, obsolete, false, or has been collected through an infringement of the act or are no longer necessary to complete the purpose for which they had been gathered.
  3. Should the Service Recipient or the Client give their consent to data processing for the purposes of direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services the consent may be withdrawn at any time.
  4. Should the Administrator aim to process or is processing the Service Recipient's or the Client's data for the purpose of direct marketing of the Administrator's own products or services, the person whom the data pertains to also has the right to:
    • motion a written, motivated demand for cessation of personal data processing because of a special situation or to
    • raise an objection against personal data processing.
  5. In order to exercise the rights stated above one may contact the Administrator by sending an appropriate message in writing or by e-mail to the Administrator's address indicated in the general provisions of the present privacy policy.
  6. We store the gathered data first and foremost for the purpose of delivering the highest possible level of quality of service in website and services administration. They also allow us to create statistics of usage based on user behavior. The collected data may be may be disclosed to third parties in a manner which does not enable the identification of the users, as well as to authorized bodies of public authorities.


  1. The Website and Services may contain links to other web pages. The Administrator encourages you to, once you navigate to the other pages, familiarize yourself with the privacy policies enforced therein. The present privacy policy is only relevant to this Website and Services.
  2. The Administrator takes technical and organizational measures to ensure protection of the processed personal data that is adequate against existing hazards and categories of data held under the protection, particularly preventing the data from being shared to unauthorized persons, taken by unprivileged individuals, processing with an infringement of existing laws as well as modification, loss, damage, or destruction.
  3. The Service Provider reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.