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Systems supported

Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
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FIBARO Smart Home Bot

A smart FIBARO home can now be controlled via Messenger. The most popular instant messaging app will allow you to manage smart home devices and check what is going on in your house in a quick and convenient way.

How to use

Simpler than ever

FIBARO strives to introduce yet another facility for users of our devices. See what is going on in your home and who is in right now. Check if you left lights on (then switch them off) and prepare the house for your arrival, without using dedicated app or pausing the conversation with your friends.

What is the temperature in the Kid's room?
FIBARO Chatbot
The temperature in the
Kid's room is 20.5 degrees.
How else can I help you?
Set the thermostat to
22.0 degrees.
FIBARO Chatbot
Thermostat set to 22.0
degrees. How else can
I help you?

Information right away

Log in to Messenger using your FIBARO ID and write what information you need. Currently, the app works only in English but other language versions will be available soon.

What's up with my home?
FIBARO Chatbot
Everything looks fine at
your house, would you like
me to get more specifics?
What's the alarm status?
FIBARO Chatbot
Here you go, the alarm
status is armed.

Everything is connected


Home voice control

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is a voice assistant that supports you in many aspects of your life. Discover how convenient it is to control your FIBARO system.

Setup guide
Amazon Alexa

Alexa is Amazon’s cloud-based voice service. Integrate Amazon Alexa with Home Center to control your FIBARO smart home system.

Setup guide

More possibilities with connected devices

Philips iot devices
sound iot devices
online camera iot
smart home iot
compatible iot devices
smart home device

Control, automate, and monitor your lights from anywhere.

home automation device
building automation

The Weather Station Indoor Module measures your indoor comfort by providing vital information.

smart home audio
home automation system

Launch your favorite playlist and remotely control your speakers.

smartest home devices
smart camera integration

Watch live video on your phone or receive video clip alerts when something unusual happens in your home.

smart lock integration
wifi smart devices

The Yale Keyless Connected smart-lock offers freedom to secure your home without a fiddly key.

security home automation
safe smart home

DSC is a global forerunner in electronic security. Since its foundation, the experts at DSC have been at the front of the pack.

Mobile and desktop interfaces

Configure and control the FIBARO system by mobile apps and interface for browsers from anywhere.

fibaro Google Play app for smart home