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Single & Double Switch smart double Switch Single and Double Switch double switch by fibaro smart home light switch

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An array of functionalities

The FIBARO Single/Double Switch modules are key elements for managing your home. They will prove useful in different places and serve a variety of functions. They will let you turn on/off the lights, electrical appliances or cut off power from the sockets. Thanks to the power metering functionality, they will also provide you with precise information concerning electric energy consumption.

  • on/off double switch Turning devices on/off
  • power double switch Power metering
  • wall double switch Cooperation with different types of wall switches
  • socket management switch Managing the sockets
double switches double switches
smart double switches smart home double switch

For switches and sockets

The FIBARO Single Switch placed in the socket is able to turn on and monitor an electrical device you choose. It can also manage most household appliances. Control a single or two lighting circuit by installing the FIBARO Single or Double Switch with the light switch. Single Switches manage a load current of 8A, and Double Switch of 6.5A per channel and 10A overall1.

It fits anywhere you want it to

The FIBARO modules are really tiny. Thanks to their miniature sizes they fit most of the flush mounted junction boxes and light switch sockets.

light double switch
Single light switch

Easy setup

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to set up the FIBARO Single/Double Switch. You can do it yourself or ask for help a professional installer from the FIBARO partner network.

A multitude of uses

The FIBARO Single/Double Switch allows you to turn on/off any electrical device remotely. You can turn your dishwasher on or automatically cut the power off in case of a malfunction at any time. You can control all the household appliances you own by cutting the power off or turning it on in the socket.

  • smart lighting switch
  • multimedia remote switch
  • Lighting remote switches
  • remote climate switch
  • multimedia double switch
  • AV double switch
  • Kitchen aids remote switch
  • Kitchen appliance remote control
  • remote switch for kitchen
  • remote double switch for home
  • home automation switch
  • Kitchen aids
  • Bathroom double switch
  • automated double switch

Power metering

The electric energy consumption of the devices connected to the modules is constantly monitored - irrespective of the protocol the Single/Double Switch is intended for. The modules working within the Z-Wave technology offer extended options for analysing the consumptions and present it using easy to read graphs thanks to the Energy Panel in the Home Center. Control the electricity consumption, plan the work of your devices and save energy.

A multifunctional device

You can align the way the Single/Double Switch modules work with the data from other FIBARO devices and create automated actions (the scenes). Use them to control the heating or the lighting as well as in emergency situations. The modules can for example cut the power off after detecting flooding or a fire.

If: Motion detected
Then: Turn the lights on

The Single/Double Switch modules are one of the most vital elements of the FIBARO System. You can activate them manually from the app, choosing the device and turn them on/off wherever you are, at any time.

Turn audio / video on

One of the smart home options are timer settings. Thanks to them the light can be turned on/off at a pre-set time. It also works with other devices. You can make mosquito repellents work only when the insects are active and have your kid’s favourite lullaby play when it’s sleep time.

If: It's 21:00 & no rain
To: Run sprinklers for 30 minutes

Wherever you are

Thanks to FIBARO, you have access to your home from any place in the world. The mobile app and Internet access is enough to remotely control the home appliances using the FIBARO Single/Double Switch modules2.

Stand-by savings

Devices left on stand-by only add to the energy spendings and burden the environment. The FIBARO Single/Double Switch modules solve this problem easily by automatically cutting off devices you do not need.

Never forget

Forgot to turn off the iron? Now you can do it on your way to the office or the airport. A lamp or other electric appliances left on because you were in a hurry are no longer a problem.

Lamp double switch
Turn off Ignore

Choose the perfect option

If you are a user of the FIBARO System or a different system based on the Z-Wave technology, choose the Single and Double Switch 2, designed to work within this technology. If you are looking for a device working with the Apple HomeKit, choose the Single Switch designed for the Apple HomeKit platform3.

  • Wireless Z-Wave communication
  • Complex scene sequences available
  • Smart notifications
  • Operation through an Android and iOS app
  • Wide operating range
Single switch
Double Switch 2

1 Please refer to the manuals.

2 Controlling this HomeKit-enabled accessory automatically and away from home requires an Apple TV with tvOS 10.0.1 or later or an iPad with iOS 10.0.1 or later set up as a home hub.

3 The functionality of the FIBARO devices working with Apple HomeKit may be limited due to the technical conditions behind the Apple HomeKit platform.