A remote control to your world

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Special design

KeyFob was created with strong attention to detail. Its compact ergonomic shape tailor it perfectly to the palm of your hand, and your pocket. Its raised buttons provide intuitive clicking.


Inspired by nature

Precision in every detail

KeyFob - A remote control for your world

One remote for the whole home

Turn on the lights, control the music, change the temperature, shut the blind or gate, and unlock the door. You can operate almost any KeyFob device and scene you can think of.


Exceptional in the workplace

Tailored to your home, KeyFob is just as useful in the workplace. Whether at home, in the studio, or at the office, you and your KeyFob will quickly become inseparable.

Press x or triangle

Access according to requirements

Only allow unauthorized KeyFob users to perform certain functions.

  • Open gate
  • Open front door
  • Disable alarm
  • Activate alarm
  • Close blinds
  • Open blinds

Access according to requirements

Only allow unauthorized KeyFob users to perform certain functions.

  • Open gate
  • Open back door
  • Disable sprinklers
  • Activate sprinklers
  • Reduce sprinkling time
  • Extend sprinkling time

Returning home

Convenience and security

When you arrive home, KeyFob can quickly open the garage, illuminate your path for your safety and convenience, and disable your intruder alarm. Every action can be launched independently or as an entire sequence of actions.

A control created for you

Your portable KeyFob brings you convenience, and total control of your home. Take your personal controller along, wherever you go.

100% reliable home remote

The FIBARO KeyFob is a remote control, which works under all conditions. The IP54 level of security translates to a 360 resistance - splashing water, dust and undesirable attempting to access the inside of the enclosure.

Opens the door for you

Open electronic locks when you arrive home or when your guests come to the door. Discover a new level of convenience, with the highest possible guarantee of security.

Make things simpler for your family

It’s more than just convenient access to daily domestic tasks. Offer your loved ones more than just convenience. Offer them the delight of a seamlessly operational home.

The smart home controller

  • wireless communication
  • 2-year battery life
  • scene activator
  • possible actions