Wall Plug

Wall Plug

A smart switch with power metering for electrical devices

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Fits perfectly

FIBARO Wall Plug is the smallest and most attractive device of this type available in the world. Its modern design perfectly fits in with any interior design.

Wall Plug
Wall Plug
Wall Plug

Perfection in every detail

The FIBARO Wall Plug has been meticulously designed, down to every last detail. Let it enchant you with its sophisticated rounded design and high-end quality hardware. Breathtaking beauty and uncompromising reliability come together in this elegantly designed device.

Many features in a single device

Power switch

Energy monitor

Power measurement

USB charging

Overload protection

under control

Color coded power usage

The crystal LED ring changes its color according to the amount of power used by the plugged device. A practical feature in a pretty package.

70 W
145 W
350 W
750 W
1350 W
1800 W

USB Charger

FIBARO Wall Plug can be equipped with a built-in USB charger. This additional feature significantly increases the convenience of everyday use. You can connect a phone or tablet and a night light to one plug. Thanks to this feature, you have everything at your fingertips.

Countless possibilities

The FIBARO Wall Plug is one of the most universal smart home devices that converts almost any type of household appliance plugged into it to a smart device.

Remote access

Using the mobile application, you can get the status of the connected device, see how much energy the connected device is using, and switch the devices on or off. This control is at your fingertips from anywhere around the world.

Power metering

The FIBARO Wall Plug comes equipped with a power measurement feature. It helps you effortlessly identify the most energy-hungry pieces of hardware or monitor energy usage in particular rooms or during particular periods.*




* Energy panel available only in FIBARO system based on Z-Wave.

Immediate notifications

Any detected use of energy can prompt the system to immediately send a notification to your smartphone.

Wall Plug

...of the unusual situation

Depending on the settings, the system may quickly inform you about any irregularities in the operation of your devices.

Wall Plug

Just in time

By setting a particular time of operation you can make sure your bread is perfectly toasted or that the dishwasher starts early enough to provide you with clean works for dinner.

Make every day easier

Whether it is regular activities or unusual situations - you’re covered whenever you need to control the status of an electrical device. The FIBARO Wall Plug is a simple and convenient solution.

Light at night

The subtle glow which surrounds the FIBARO Wall Plug will make it easy to locate the socket and make the night just a bit cozier.

"The Show" Scene

Turn your living room into an entertainment center. You just need to decide how to spend your free time and FIBARO will take care of setting the mood and making your surroundings perfect for the evening.

Yearly savings of

184 $

Real savings

Use the power measurement feature along with the option to automatically cut power to certain devices when you’re not using them in order to generate real savings.

Real savings

Energy usage

Automate your home

Discover a home that tirelessly goes through an ocean of information to provide you with the highest possible level of comfort and security. A home that will make sure you sleep well and greet you the next morning.

Good night scene


Choose the perfect option

We have created two version of the FIBARO Wall Plug – with and without USB. If you own a FIBARO system or a different one based on Z-Wave, choose a device which suits you the best.

  • USB charging
  • Wireless Z-Wave communication
  • Up to 1800W
  • Complex scene sequences available
  • Operation through an Android and iOS app
  • Smart notifications
  • Wide operating range
Wall Plug
  • Wireless Z-Wave communication
  • Up to 1800W
  • Complex scene sequences available
  • Operation through an Android and iOS app
  • Smart notifications
  • Wide operating range

*Coming soon

Wall Plug