Home Center 2

Home Center 2

Home center 2

Home Center 2 is an advanced whole home management system which uses a web based, feature rich graphic interface for simple programming. Control of your home is achieved through a wide range of native apps, voice control by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, or truly smart automation. The controller manages all FIBARO Z-wave devices as well as most 3rd party Z-wave devices with a wide library of built in drivers for multimedia, which include smart TV’s, IP cameras, thermostats, security alarm systems, and media players. Home Center 2 also has its own alarm panel which allows you to arm/ disarm sensors individually, and even remotely. For larger homes or for multiple homes in different locations, Home Center 2 uniquely allows you to network several Home Centers (HC2 or HCL) into one system.

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Outstanding brain of the FIBARO smart home

Home Center 2

FIBARO Home Center 2 is faster and more secure than most competitive solutions due to its built in Intel 1.6 Atom processor which processes the software locally, stores your data on the controller itself. No cloud processing or data storage means your system will run even if the internet goes down while owning your data. Home Center 2 also has advanced user rights and management features coupled with independent GPS location allows for creative scenes based on individual family members, anywhere in the world.

The user-friendly interface is extremely easy to set up, navigate and manage on a smart phone or tablet. Additionally, the visual scene builder on the web interface is very intuitive, allowing even inexperienced users to build quick simple scenes. For more advance scenes, installers can use LUA scripting to completely automate the system.

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