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Mobile app with an intuitive dashboard that has been designed to manage your smart home efficiently as soon as you turn on the app. See all the necessary data of the entire house in one place - the data you want to see.

Haptic Haptic technology makes life easier for visually impaired people.
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1000 hours of experts work

8 years experience tought us a lot. We had engaged a team of experts that took part in developing the previous FIBARO smart home mobile app, we had aggregated all the requirements of our users and used it in collaboration with a group of more than 1000 power users. Thanks to FIBARO community feedback we have prepared hundreds of mock-ups to outperform already available apps. Thanks to that, our app is second to none.

Mobile app meets the reliable system

Top notch technologies have made it possible to significantly boost the app's performance. The target is to meet your expectaions and provide you a true comfort and experience.

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Smart interaction

Machine learning technology lets FIBARO Home Center learn your daily routines and preferences.


Higher level of interaction

Machine learning technology lets FIBARO Home Center learn your daily routines and preferences.

Range of the best colors

App design includes three different color versions - Silver Light, Light Blue and Dark Blue. Choose the color that you like the most. Light version is best during the day and the dark one works fine during evening. App interface adapts to current conditions to make it convenient to your eyes.

One click, one proper security

FIBARO Home Center is not only about remote windows management or turning on/off electrical devices. Keep control of the smart home safety and arm or disarm the alarm system. Be sure that the house is always secured.

smart home app
smart home app

Remote roller blinds management

Manage the blinds in selected rooms or the entire house, single or multiple roller blinds at a time. The best part is that you don't need to get up from the couch or be currently at your home.

smart home application
smart home app

Advantage of light management

Turn off the light in the room located at the other end of the house, turn on the light in the living room to simulate someone's presence during a longer trip. If you left the light on and you are already away, turn it off with one simple tap via the mobile app.

app smart home
Application smart home

Warmth request

When you're back home after a walk in the rain or a proper snowball fight with children, all you want is to get back home where the temperature is warm enaugh to make you all feel extremely convenient. Simply get the phone and select the temperature you want to have after you get back home.

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mobile app smart home

Movie night in a glimpse

Switch on the 'Movie night' scene and see the blinds closing, the lights dimming and the TV and speakers tuning into right mode.


Live your smart life

FIBARO Home Center app automatically switches between local and remote access. It all happens in the background so it doesn't matter whether you control your smart home from inside or outside the house. Automation meets core features of the smart home app.

Convenient Login

Single FIBARO ID login enables you to operate smart home mobile app and manage all the devices running in the FIBARO system. Easily connect to the smart home app and the smart home HUB and don't panic, all the passwords are encrypted. Your privacy and data are our top priority - we keep them sacured when entrusting your home to the FIBARO System.

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Apple Siri helps you run your home

Control the lighting with voice commands spoken to your iPhone and change your home in no time.


Hey Siri, set the fireplace light in the living room


I’m setting the fireplace light in the living room

Apple siri shortcuts

Get along with Apple Siri shortcuts

Siri shortcuts are to make your voice command even more precise. A simplier command saved as a light automation trigger will make you perform faster than any other voice assistants.

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Easy search with Spotlight

Use the Spotlight search to manage your favorite scenes and devices even faster.

Spotlight Suggestion
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Apple HomePod vs. your smart home

Apple HomePod enables you to control your smart TV with voice commands. Let the voice do its job and start using HomePod as your daily valet.

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Hey Siri, turn on the recently watched programme

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Siri smart home app

I’m turning on the recently watched programme


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