Your smart home by FIBARO

Perfect design

FIBARO system is designed, developed and produced entirely in Poland. We create all the smart home devices on our own and we take care of even the smallest detail of the project.

Smart home leader

FIBARO is a global brand based on the Internet of Things technology. It provides solutions for building and home automation. FIBARO’s headquarters and factory are located in Wysogotowo, 3 miles away from Poznan. The company employs app. 250 employees.

Global reach

In just a few years, FIBARO system has settled on 6 continents, becoming one of the most advanced, wireless smart home systems in the world. Since July 2018 FIBARO brand is a part of the Nice Group.

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Key values

Fulfilling our mission we are driven by key values:






At FIBARO we don’t follow trends. We foresee them, we create them. We don’t follow other brands and replicate ideas. We recognize our clients’ needs and we have courage to create standards and redefine old ideas and reinterpret them our way. We bravely establish our strategic goals and we bring to life the bold vision about smart and friendly FIBARO home based on system complementarity and wide network of professional installers.


FIBARO system is made up of mutually complementary products creating a network of wireless connections providing a sense of control, security and pleasure for household members. FIBARO Complementary System meets eight basic needs regarding: Lighting, Gates and Blinds, Air conditioning/HVAC, Safety, Security, Multimedia, Garden and Mood. System complementarity is also a reflection of our approach to our organization that operates as a well-adjusted mechanism based on a coherent operation of its components.


Our products are friendly in installation and use. FIBARO would like to be perceived as a friendly company which is open to all sorts of integration possibilities. We consciously build a consistent image of the company which is responsible, cares for its clients and employees and creates the best solutions. We enter into the privacy of our clients’ home, while providing data security through encryption. Our employees are given the opportunity to develop and fulfil their professional ambitions and are offered a pleasant and creative working environment which builds competence of the whole organization.


Working on the concept of a smart home, we create a network of connected devices, thanks to which we can manage the house space with one button, gesture or word. Our visionary devices have a modern form, which makes them not only functional, but also look like works of art. Modularity and complementarity of FIBARO System also release creativity of our clients so they can connect and programme the System’s components in a flexible way, and individually create personalized everyday life background. In this way FIBARO creates a new definition of home. Bringing dreams to life, we create a smart FIBARO HOME.


FIBARO enriches people’s lives all over the world by creating a comfortable, friendly and safe home space. With the ambition and creativity of our employees, we provide smart and complementary solutions, which delight our clients.

The Vision

We strive to become a leading supplier of building automation systems on the global market. We work so that the FIBARO smart home was the best choice in every aspect.

FIBARO Technology Park

FIBARO production takes place in Wysogotowo, just 3 miles away from Poznań. It covers a space of more than 4,000 sqm and that is where we produce all devices from our portfolio. FIBARO Technology Park is equipped with professional and modern production lines which let us deliver solutions acclaimed by the best producers and devices created by FIBARO engineers dedicated to produce and test smart home appliances.

Our priority is standard quality control so the 100% of our products undergo advance tests on every stage of the production. All the processes in the factory are constantly improved by world class engineers which result in effectiveness and quality.

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