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Place Walli Controller wherever you want it and manage the smart home automation with one press of a button.

oświetlenie fiabro walli controller


rolety i zasłony fiabro walli controller

Blinds and shutters

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smart urządzenia fiabro walli controller

Any smart device

Small, elegant and mobile

smart mobile controller smart mobile controllers
smart mobile controller mobile smart controller
mobile smart controller mobile smart controller
Walli switch controller Walli switch controller
Walli smart switch

Have you forgot about a switch near the couch?

Now, you can place Walli Controller wherever you want it and set up desired control features.

Light, blinds, music or everything at once? Stick it to any surface and simpy press the button - no wires, renovations or wall drilling!

Walli smart button Walli smart switch

If you already have Walli smart switches or smart outlets, you can easily combine Walli Controller with any of them. The device fits all available Walli cover plates.

What matters the most

Walli Controller is a mobile switch combining multiple features in it.
Check them out!

smart switch smart switches smart switches
wireless smart switch


wireless mobile smart switch

Long batery life

wireless switch

Powered with battery or by DC

automation switch

Smart automation trigger

wireless switches

Built-in temperature sensor

wireless switch control

Adjustable LED color

mobile switch control

Fits Walli cover plates

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Explore the entire FIBARO Walli series

FIBARO Walli series is a complete smart switches and outlets series. They are to make your smart home full of modern automation.

Walli Controller fits all FIBARO Walli line frames.

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