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Real estate

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Become an official FIBARO distributor

FIBARO is one of the leaders in IoT (Internet of Things) technologies. As a brand we provide smart home and unique home automation solutions. It took only a decade to reach six continents and become one of the most advanced and wireless smart home systems worldwide.

FIBARO is entirely developed and manufactured in Poland – FIBARO headquarters and the production plant are located near Poznań. Since 2018, the brand is part of the Nice Group. FIBARO mission is to enrich people's lives across entire world by providing top notch comfort and a friendly and safe home environment.

If you are interested in becoming one of official FIBARO distrubutors and join the dynamic growth of the IoT business – feel free to contact us.

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Become a FIBARO smart home installer

It is our duty to provide customers with top level support. This is why we have decided to expand our professional installers network and train more and more experts around the world. Our users are looking for professionals who will instal and set up FIBARO system.

If you are a professional installer or a installation company, feel free to join our trainings to learn mounting techniques and benefit from FIBARO system distribution network. Joining our smart home training lets you learn all of the core topics including skills, the desining know-how, configuration and installation.

Expand your services and make it more attractive to your clients with smart home solutions by FIBARO!

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Introduce smart solutions to your investments

By cooperating with FIBARO your company will distinguish among the competitors and present more attractive offer to the clients. You will boost the standard, value and comfort of a property with FIBARO smart home solution. It is time to build an innovative and eco friendly company.

We base on hard data on how the business that includes FIBARO smart home solutions increases its income, grows customers interest and meets their expectations as well.

Contact us to learn the details on FIBARO smart home offer for real estate developers.

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Create unique smart home offer for your customers

Loyal customers are the core of almost every business. Did you know that SMART technologies and the values they provide have enormous impact to loyalize customers? Smart home solutions providing home automation are perceived as a huge advantage to a brand who provides it. The brand as well becomes smart and is associated with this trend.

The world surrounding us is becoming more and more connected. The Internet of Things (IoT) is present within our everyday lives. Do not waste your time and introduce FIBARO smart home solutions to your offer and please your customers right away.

Contact us! Lets talk about new opportunities for you and your customers.

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Make your house design smart

Every architect has his goal - your as well - is to create beautiful space with maximized functionality prepared for all the household. Guess what - it is our goal as well! FIBARO smart home system delivers features to meet all needs of family members. We believe that cooperation with architects makes a lot of business opportunities within all interior and exterior projects. Deliver smart home experience to your clients!

Please note that FIBARO solutions are perfect for both small apartments and mega properties. What is most important, the smart home system is completely wireless so there is no need to do renovation jobs.

Reach us out! Lets create a smart home architect's offer for your company.

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Tour My 2020 Smart Home: The Brains Of the Operation! - TechFlow

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Tour My 2020 Smart Home: The Brains Of the Operation! - TechFlow

Watch video

Perform smart home tests and share your experience

Are you into smart home and home automation and looking to share your experience with others? Join the FIBARO testing programme designed for media and influencers.

Contact us to experience FIBARO smart home system. We will help you with the first setup process and our installer will create desired home automation for you.

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