Smart photovoltaics

Improve efficiency of your photovoltaics system with FIBARO. Energy management that includes live insight and automated consumption optimization. Bring new features to your smart home.

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Smart Photovoltaics installation

Self-sufficient step into the future

Optimize energy consumtion with a smart PV system provided by FIBARO. Engage your smart home into the renewable energy approach. Monitor and trigger adequate automations considering energy usage within your entire home.

Energy monitoring

A 360 insight into PV produced energy and its usage. Create and maintain proper energy balance in accordance to a specific time period.

Automated devices

Manage energy consumption within home devices and control their consumption to meet the produced energy limits. Automate different scenarios as you want it.


Start an environment-friendly lifestyle with your smart home included. Explore a visual insight of your carbon footprint and use smart PV to become environmentally friendly.

Web App

Live access and management of entire smart home within one smart web app. Control your home from anywhere you are.

What are the benefits?

Experience the benefits of smart photovoltaic integration

After connecting the photovoltaic system with FIBARO smart home, you gain a complete control over entire home energy management.


Renewable energy for everyone

A wise energy consumption

A collation of produced and consumed energy based on live measurement, all gathered to historical data. A clear preview thanks to charts and comprehensible digits.

smart PV
smart photovoltaics

Home Energy Management

Energy dashboard

The energy dashboard has been created to meet end customers needs. It is to let them manage home energy wisely. Analyze energy data and set certain action to turn off or on certain devices. Learn new eco-friendly approach to reduce energy bills.

Set up energy cost rates

Historical data of a specific device

List of top energy consuming devices

Precise analytics of energy consumption including its live production

ROI PV installation

Include ROI of your PV installation cost

photovoltaics energy production

Overall insight to consumed and produced home energy


Quick device retriggering

Measuring active enrgy of connected with FIBARO devices enables selective control in case of power surplus and as a result, increase entire home energy consumption from a standard 20-30% to 50%, if the energy balance allows the home to do so.

Better your energy consumption

Energy consumption profiles manage certain devices during peak energy consumtion time. Profiles turn off or on certain devices or home appliances to optimize consumption in accordance to current solar energy production. A completely new and smart approach to utilize your home energy.

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smart home photovoltaics

Integrate PV with FIBARO

Photovoltaics become smart after integrating it with smart home. Adjust entire smart home environment to your daily habits. Learn the simple scheme to improve your daily routine.

smart home PV energy PV energy management

Key integrations

FIBARO integrates with both core Polish and international brands. Our R&D engineers has designed integrations with popular PV inverters. The FIBARO community takes a great part in this success.

Dedicated webinars

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Cooperation benefits

High-demand product

Introducing a device that engages entire potential of photovoltaics and related savings in smart home environment.

Included in professional installations

This product is dedicated for PV offers as a part of electrical installation. Designed to meet the current market needs.

Adjusted as desired

Quality for every customer guaranteed. Complete performance and support of a wide range of FIBARO integrated products.


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