FIBARO accessories with Apple HomeKit technology

Use smart home devices developed within your iOS Home app. Manage home automation with HomeKit and our devices.

HomeKit HomeKit tech

Apple HomeKit is super simple

Thinking outside the box was the advantage Apple introduced with HomeKit. FIBARO is a part of HomeKit world with the smart sensors that make your home a better place. Enjoy a complete home automation controlled with FIBARO HomeKit app or Home App from Apple, customize the system to activate automation scenes even with Siri. The true smart home experience comes with brilliant simplicity of HomeKit.


HomeKit flood detector

Flood Sensor

Detects water leaks and measures the ambient temperature.
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homekit motion sensor

Motion Sensor

Detects motion, light intensity and room temperature.
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homekit sensors

Door/Window Sensor

Monitors the opening of doors, windows, gates and the ambient temperature.
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homekit carbon monoxide detector

CO Sensor

A certified carbon monoxide and temperature sensor.
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homekit heat controller

The Heat Controller

Smart thermostatic valve with home automation algorithm.
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homekit smart light

Single Switch

Turn electrical devices on and off, measure their power and energy consumption.
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homekit smart outlet

Wall Plug Type F&E

A smart socket with power metering for electrical devices.
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homekit Button

The Button

Unique panic button. Just press it to activate or deactivate any device or automation.
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Siri voice control

Control HomeKit-enabled FIBARO accessories with voice using Siri directly from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Learn more


Intuitive mobile app

  • homekit user-friendly User friendly
  • homekit quick setup Quick setup
  • homekit worldwide access Worldwide access

User experience is what makes smart home easy to use. Use FIBARO app or the Apple HomeKit app to mamange your home. A quick step-by-step installation guide lets you use the smart device in a few minutes. Kick your smart home up a notch.

homekit app