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smart outlets
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smart power outlet

Unique design and exceptional technology

The complete series of FIBARO smart outlets and switches based on Z-Wave technology will equip your home with versatile intelligence. The look of the series is inspired by a pearl - its timeless sophistication and beautiful shape that will complement any nifty interior.

smart electrical outlet


Roller Shutter

Smart rollers, blinds and gates controller.

smart light Switch



Smart switch.

smart outlet


Outlet type E / F

Smart outlet.

smart Light switches



Smart light dimmer.

wireless outlet

Stable connection
via Z-Wave protocol.

electrical outlet

A complete series
of smart outlets and sockets (incl. classic versions).


Smooth cooperation
with other devices of the FIBARO system.

LED ring that fits your home

smart outlets
2160 W
smart light switch Double Switch

Select the colour of the LED ring to make it fit your personal interior preferences.

Use two backlight colors anywhere you want it - a different at the bottom for ON and another one at the top for OFF to know the exact state of the device.

Keep an eye on how much power your home equipment consumes.

Select the colour of the LED ring to make it fit your personal interior preferences.

Use two backlight colors anywhere you want it - a different at the bottom for ON and another one at the top for OFF to know the exact state of the device.

Keep an eye on how much power your home equipment consumes.

Reliable components and eye-catching details

Switch just as you like it

Set up the Walli switch button to take full advantage of its astonishing capabilities.

Turn the light on
Turn the light off
Switch on the ‘Fun’ scene
60% light intensity

Compatible with products of other manufacturers

FIBARO Walli is compatible* with front plates of other manufacturers: GIRA - System 55**, Legrand - Celiane, Schneider - Odace. If you are attracted to the sockets you already have, equip them with an smart flush-mounted part and enjoy smart home features without having the front plate replaced.

wireless power outlet

Adapter is required for proper installation. Check the specification.

Check the specifications which devices from the series work with Walli.


Have you forgot to turn off the light? It's not a problem anymore.

You know best - leaving the house in a hurry and suddenly you can't remember if you had turned off the light and unplugged the iron? From now on, you can take a breath of relief because with Walli Switch and Outlet you remotely turn off the lights and equipment using the app.

electrical outlet
smart Light switches
Walli SwitchThe lights in the living room are still on.
light Switch smart home

Adjust the lighting to the occasion

Different situations require different light intensity. In one you choose to work, one are perfect to watch a movie and other suit well a romantic dinner with the loved one. With Walli Dimmer you can adjust the lighting to your occasion with just a single click.

smart light switch
Set the light
intensity to 45%.
wireless remote control outlet

Working with the system

Walli Outlet connected to FIBARO System cooperates with other devices in of the smart home environment. When the air sensor detects bad condition if the air, the air purifier connected to the Walli Outlet will start automatically. In order to keep the family and friends safe and healthy, everything happens by itself. Cool stuff, isn't it?

wireless remote control outlet
wireless power outlet
Air quality sensorBad air quality detected.
Turning on
the air purifier.
smart power outlet

Control all roller shutters at once

Control multiple devices at once from one switch. Unique combination of ease and versatility that allow to link one roller shutter controller with all roller blinds throughout the entire apartment. Unbelievable!

smart power outlet
Set all the blinds
in dining room to 60%.
smart power outlets

Back to home of the future

Imagine that you have came home after a hard day and within just one click you close the entrance gate and the garage, turn on the heating of the garage and turn off the light where you don't want it on anymore. Sounds like a science fiction scenario but Walli simply makes it your everyday life.

wireless outlets
wireless outlet
Walli Switch'Coming home’ scene
wireless outlet switch

A night in the glow... of Walli

Little explorers which are brave during the day often seem to fear of the darkness. With Walli, the darkness is no longer terrifying because the night road for travellers is indicated by a glowing LED ring. They will always find the way to their parents room or bed.

wireless outlet switch wireless electrical outlet

Manage the entire house with voice

Walli smart switches and outlets are fully compatible with the renowned Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants when connected to the Home Center gateway. A truly convenient way to perform smart automation.

Google wireless power outlet
Amazon Alexa power outlet
Alexa power outlet Alexa electrical outlet
Mobile app

Be with your home wherever you are

The FIBARO Home Center mobile app allows you to manage smart switches and outlets with your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. Keep everything under control like a boss.

smart home App

Energy consumption under control

Have a deep insight into your home, analyse the energy consumption of your household appliances and optimize your expenses the way you always wanted to.

Ready when you are

Whether you are installing the complete Walli sockets and outlets series or only use the flush-mounted part, FIBARO qualified installer will do this for you in few moments. No unnecessary mess or extra costs.

Make a classy step into the future

FIBARO Walli series include classic non-intelligent switches and sockets to keep up the consistent aesthetics of your home interior. Pick them as you like and enjoy unique design and functionality.

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