Home Center 3 Lite

First steps with smart home automation

Home Center 3 Lite has been designed for people who want to start a unique smart home adventure.
Perfect for apartments or small houses.


Stability and reliability

Remote access

System expansion-ready

Ease of including other brands

Smart devices support

The heart of the FIBARO smart home

Home Center 3 Lite is the heart and mind of a smart home that constantly cares for the comfort and safety of your entire family. The smart hub manages and communicates with all smart devices - receives data from sensors, processes all the data and gives an output to perform appropriate actions.

smart home hub smart home HUB

Works with 2000 products of other brands

Home Center allows you to connect not only FIBARO products but also other manufacturers equipment such as smart TVs, cameras, thermostats, alarm systems, media players). Get unlimited smart home features with over 2000 smart devices ready to work within your smart home system.

Live comfortably, peacefully and economically with FIBARO

FIBARO smart home takes you and your family everyday comfort and safety to a different level. Manage energy consumption at every single opportunity. Make it all happen with Home Center 3 Lite smart home hub.


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Make synergy with the environment! FIBARO brings eco trends to life by reducing carbon footprint in your home. Once and for all, lower energy consumption and heating bills.

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Check out FIBARO capabilities

FIBARO's smart home system supports you in many areas of life.

Let there be light!

Now the light follows you! You do not have to constantly turn the lighting on or off around your entire house. After being detected by the motion detector, FIBARO will turn on child's room light or light up its way in a dark hallway.

Protection against invisible threat

Carbon monoxide detector will sense even the smallest concentrations of carbon monoxide that can be harmful to you. Reliably and continuously protects you and your loved ones from the invisible danger.

Home Center 3 Lite


Heat as we want it

Only ski slopes are where we want to experience winter frost. Home on the other hand, should always be warm and pleasant! FIBARO will increase the temperature in the kitchen when you prepare your lunch and even take care of proper comfort in your living room right after you get back home. Share the pleasure of home automation with all your guests.

Smart home hub around €134 (depending on local VAT)*

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* suggested retail price

Data security

Highest security level of access to your home and your data. Communication between devices and smart home hub and all the passwords are encrypted so by entrusting your home to the FIBARO system, you can be sure that it has a 360 security.


System Files Protection

Encrypted communication

Encrypted user data

Automatic backups

Stable system

Manage your home via smartphone or tablet

The smart home app keeps you in contact with your home and lets you manage it from anywhere in the world.

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Manage your home with your voice

You can manage your FIBARO smart home in many different ways - also with your voice. Say a few words for one of the most popular voice assistants.

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Smart home hub around €134 (depending on local VAT)*

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* suggested retail price

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