Smart HVAC perfect climate in your home

smart hvac

Come back from work or holidays to an appropriately heated house, filled with fresh, properly humid air. Use schedules and adjust heating to the needs of your family at every time of day and during every season of the year.

Remotely manage ventilation and heating and be prepared for every situation.

Save money with no effort

the smart HVAC system

Save money with no effort

  • Effective ventilation management at every time of a year.
  • Remote/automatic day/night/holiday mode management.
  • Heating only in chosen spaces.

Secure your home

smart heating system

Secure your home

  • Heating installation freezing prevention while no one is at home.
  • Heating installation leak monitoring.
  • Carbon monoxide and particulate matter levels monitoring.

Feel the comfort

smart air quality

Feel the comfort

  • Quality and temperature management based on residents’ daily activities.
  • Remote air quality and temperature management.
  • Automatic regulation and monitoring of air quality and temperature.

Get to know the possibilities

smart hvac installation

Feel your best at home

Coming back from work you think about homey atmosphere and you can’t wait to enter your home and find refuge from the sun – in the summer, rain – in the spring and autumn and cold – in the winter. FIBARO home is preparing for your return adjusting the temperature, humidity and air quality to your family’s preferences. Welcome home!

  • smart scheduling Schedule
  • smart air conditioning Ventilation
  • smart air-conditioner Air-conditioner
smart HVAC automation
hvac automation
smart hvac

Comfort without waste

We’re used to adjusting convenient room temperature to the weather condition. During the heat we use air-conditioning, and during the winter – heating. In both situations, thanks to cooperation of FIBARO devices, in case of leaving a window open, air-conditioning or heating is automatically switched off to avoid unnecessary energy use.

internet of things
iot hvac
smart humidifier

Always proper humidity level

We spend most of the time in heated and air-conditioned spaces risking dry skin and body dehydration. Humidifier configured with humidity sensor, automatically switches on to improve air quality in your kids’ room or in your bedroom for your health and comfort.

smart humidity sensors
smart humidifier
smart air purifier

Pure air in your home

Polluted air doesn’t let us fully enjoy walks and sport outside. Spending time indoors, we want to be sure that household members can breathe deeply all the time. CO sensor will take care of it, while air quality sensor, you can monitor levels of suspended particulate matter PM 2.5 and PM 10 indoors. The sensor detecting its high level, sends you notification and switches on the air purifier and/or ventilator. Take a deep breathe!

smart home hvac
smart hvac system
smart heating systems

Warm on your request

There are times when you need your rooms to be more heated than it is set in the schedule you selected. We’re coming back from a puddle race or snowball battle with your kids and you know that they need to get warm immediately. Or maybe, you have a guest feeling best in higher temperature visiting in 15 minutes? Right away, using the app turn up the temperature in given room. When you reach home or the guest knocks on the door, the house will be already properly heated.

smart heat controller
heat controller homekit
z-wave heat controller

Warm where you need it

Household members have their favorite places to spend time in the afternoon and on weekends. Because of that, usually there is no need to keep equally high temperature in every room. Using schedules, heat only the spaces you need to use the energy in sustainable way and reduce heating cost in the process.

heat controller z-wave
z-wave heating system