Smart gardenbeautiful all year long

smart garden

Enjoy the time in your neat garden without unnecessary effort. Take care about every corner of it, adjusting mowing frequency and watering according to weather conditions, time of year and plants’ preferences.

Relax surrounded by plants in pleasantly lit and safe smart garden where everything goes on its own.

Smart savings

Smart garden accessories

Smart savings

  • Selective watering based on particular plants’ water requirements.
  • Lightening the smart garden only after sunset.

Protection and care

smart garden solutions

Protection and care

  • Smart garden surveillance.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Pool surveillance.

Effect with no effort

smart garden services

Effect with no effort

  • Automatic garden watering.
  • One-click watering management.
  • Garden light following the stroller.
  • Automatic pool water heating.

Get to know the possibilities

smart lawnmower

Always perfect lawn

Even the most enthusiastic gardeners want to have time to simply admire their garden. Program your mower to mow the grass on a given day of the week while you’re away. Kids and pets can run around carefree on a freshly mowed lawn and you can listen to birds singing instead of the roar of the mower.

  • automower schedules Schedule
  • Automower Integrated
smart automower
smart lawnmower
smart garden watering system

You don't have to thinkabout watering

Maintaining a beautiful garden is very demanding because of many tasks you have to do regularly and painstakingly. Synchronizing sprinklers with weather plug-in you can cross watering out of your to-do list. Watering system forecasts the weather and turns on the sprinklers when it’s hot to prevent soil from drying out.

  • smart garden plugin Weather plug in
  • smart garden sprinklers Sprinklers
smart garden watering
smart garden watering system
smart garden lights

Magical evening

Wandering around the garden in the evening, especially if it’s a big space we don’t need to turn on the lights in the entire garden. When Motion Sensor detects motion, the light switches on in the places where there are people. Thanks to that solution you can admire your garden after dark and don’t worry about your lighting bills.

smart garden automation
smart garden automation system
smart garden installation

Reaction to weather

Automatic garden watering according to the schedule is an incredibly convenient solution. In case of changeable weather conditions and frequent rain, it is worth to equip yourself with the soil humidity sensor. Then, when the soil is optimally hydrated, the sprinklers won’t be turned on so not to drench the plants and to avoid unnecessary water usage.

  • smart garden weather plugin Weather plug in
  • smart garden soil humidity sensor Soil humidity sensor
  • smart sprinklers Sprinklers
smart garden adaptation
smart garden lawnmower
smart garden surveillance system

Garden under surveillance

Big garden covering a significant acreage of land is connected with a risk of trespassing. Monitoring of even the most remote piece of property synchronized with alarm system lets you sleep calmly and gives you confidence that your garden is a fortress too.

  • smart garden camera Camera
  • smart garden alarm panel Alarm panel
smart garden surveillance
garden smart surveillance
smart garden temperature

Perfect water temperature

If having a pool, let it be one you can jump in anytime, no matter the actual air temperature. Water heating system configured with air temperature sensor, allows you to use the pool every time of year and day. Feel the soothing chill in the summer and pleasantly warm water during spring and autumn.

smart garden devices
smart garden management