Meet the HubPowerbank

Mobile WiFi/LTE/3G access point
with USB rechargeable battery

A device of small size
with wide range of possibilities!

Connect the HubPowerbank to your Home Center 3 Lite or Yubii Home and become more secure than ever before.

Up to 12h of emergency power supply

Battery saving mode

4600 mAh capacity

WiFi router


Manual control

Experience the HubPowerbank

Protect your home against sudden drops or blackouts

In the event of a voltage drop, the control panel will automatically switch to emergency power supply, ensuring your peace of mind.

Make sure your internet connection is always on

Unreliable internet provider or no connection? Attach a SIM card to Hub Powerbank and enjoy security and stability.

Keep an eye on the construction site

Are you getting your home constructed? Use HubPowerbank to monitor the status of doors and windows within your entire investment.

Select an option that suits you best


If you already have a smart home gateway, get a HubPowerbank to extend its features.

Find a local distributor

HubPowerbank + Home Center 3 Lite

Lower price within a set. Choose the set to start with smart home experience with complete features.

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