Google Assistant

controls your
FIBARO smart home

Use the most popular voice assistant to experience a true automation.

What is Google Assistant?

Google created a smart voice assistant to manage home automation via voice commands. After years of development, Google is introducing more and more features to make Google Assistant accessible in every accessory with Android OS icnluding TV sets, mobile devices or smart watches. At the moment, there are consecutively more and more smart devices using Google Assistant. So are FIBARO devices.

Google Home Skils

Media managment

Wherever you are, ask Google to set up your home cinema or speakers to play what you like.

Step guide

Light management

Turn on or off, dim and check if the lights are on with supported smart light bulbs.

Step guide

HVAC control

Let your home know if you want the air conditioning make the room cool or warm.

Step guide

Smart plugs

A complete device management with smart plugs. Tell Google what is your goal with a certain devie.

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Make your home automation react to weather. Google Assistant can do it for you. Just ask.

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Surveillance system

Make sure your family is safe. Ask Google to check if all the entrance doors are closed.

Step guide

Hey Google! Dimm the lights!

OK Google! Play some music!

Hey Google! Turn on AC!

OK Google! Turn on TV set!

Hey Google! Check the weather!

OK Google! Show me camera!

google assistant

You got it, dimming three lights.

google home FIBARO

You got it, playing your playlist.

google voice assistant

You got it, AC is on.

voice assistant google

OK. TV set is being turned on.

It will rain today. Should I stop watering?

smart home voice assistant

You got it, here's the camera screen.

Voice that matters to your home

Google Assistant transforms your home and life. FIBARO is ready to do anything you say via Google Home. This is a completely new persperctive of an IoT lifestyle. It is not just about benefits, it is a supreme everyday comfort.

The new way of light

Lights is everywhere. Combining Google with FIBARO gives you a multitude of light activities. A simple voice command and here you are.

Setup guide

google home light management
google assistant HVAC

HVAC that understands

Let your smart home know what are your temperature preferences. Google Assistance acts with FIBARO to make sure you are ok with home temperature.

Learn HVAC commands

Controlled devices

Tell your devices how to act in certain situations. Google Assistant can activate your FIBARO automation scenarios.

Setup guide

smart plugs google assistant

Other compatible Voice Assistants

Amazon Alexa

Voice Assistant created by Amazon to combine smart features, IoT and complete automation

More soon

Apple Siri

Learn how Apple Siri works with FIBARO smart home. Trigger automation with your voice via iOS.

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