Domotica apparaten die weten wat te doen

Laat de apparaten in uw huis voor u denken wanneer u het nodig hebt, maak uw leven gemakkelijker en verbeter uw humeur.

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Simpele smart home recepten

Motion Entering
to the room
Music Turn on music
Schedule Schedule
TV Turn on TV
Console Video game
console running for 2h
Notification Push

Solutions tailored specially to you

Vacuuming on demand

Using an automatic vacuum cleaner can get more convenient than ever. Say a simple “Hey Google, start cleaning up” command to the Google Home voice assistant and take care of your business while the vacuum cleaner takes care of order in your house. RGBW Controller will change the color of the lighting to orange to inform the households that the cleaning is still in progress, so a crawling baby should wait for a while on mom's lap.

Odkurzanie na komendę

And the washing is over

When the laundry is located in a remote corner of the house, you can receive a notification about the finished washing process. In addition, the lamps are blinking in the room and living room, in case you do not have a smartphone with you while doing your stuff. Moreover The Heat Controller willl raise the temperature in the drying room, to dry the loudry quickly. Now you know when to hang out the laundry without constantly looking at your watch.

Scena “Pranie zakończone”

The perfect film screening

Create the perfect mood for the evening movie with just one simple voice command. Turn on the “Home Cinema” scene by telling a command to turn on the TV and speakers, cover the blinds and activate the appropriate lighting simultaneously. Wait a short while and everything is ready! Have you prepared your popcorn yet?

Wieczór filmowy
Alexa, active "Movie night"

Savings during a sleep

By launching the Goodnight scene, you can not only prepare your home for a quiet night by arming an alarm or turning on an air purifier. Formerly loaded washing machine and dishwasher, may turn when it's best time-of-use energy rate.

  • Pralka LG LG
  • Oczyszczacz powietrza Air
  • Zmywarka Samsung Samsung
  • System alarmowy Alarm
Oszczędzaj gdy śpisz”

Best party with best friends

How to turn a living room into a atmospheric restaurant? All you need is one button to dim or change the color of the light, turn on the music and lower the temperature, because the atmosphere will definitely get hot. Now everything is ready so let the conversation begin.

Przyjęcie z przyjaciółmi

Integrations means more opportunities

"Hey Siri, turn on the 'Movie night' scene."

"Ok Google, start clean up."

"Alexa, turn off the lights."

Apple Siri Google Assistant Amazon Alexa

Smart devices for media management


Walli outlets and switches

The only complete series of Z-Wave compatible smart outlets and switches available on the market. Entire series is characterized by a unique and wide range of features as for this product segment.



Smart switch module designed to equip electrical devices with remote on/off feature. Furthermore, it is equipped with an energy meter feature. Its small size and shape allows you to mount it in any junction box dedicated for outlets or switches.


RGBW Controller

Universal module that allows remote control of RGB and RGBW LED strip, halogen lighting and fans. Connected receivers can be powered by 12 or 24 V voltage. You can easily control the lighting and change the color of the light using the mobile app.


Dimmer 2

An universal module that regulates the intensity of light and works with different lighting sources. Light dimmer can be used as a dimmer or switch, both in two- and three-wire circuits.


The Heat Controller

Smart thermostat that controls room temperature using built-in or additional temperature sensor and automatically regulates the heat level, appropriate to individual user preferences. Advanced algorithms used in FIBARO smart thermostat co and work schedules will achieve real heat savings.


Wall Plug

Practical, portable plug for remote switching on and off electrical appliances and measuring the amount of consumed energy.


The Button

A battery-powered wireless trigger that allows you to control connected devices. Simply activate six actions or preset scenes with one to five clicks or hold down the button. Thanks to its design, it can be mounted literally anywhere you want.



Battery powered, compact remote control which can always be carried with you as a key ring. Six buttons allow you to control other devices connected Z-Wave network and start scenes created in FIBARO smart home system.


Home Center 2

Brain of FIBARO smart home system which communicates with Plug & Play modules and sensors. Available with a wide catalogue of installed drivers for co-operating devices: cameras, smart TVs, thermostats, alarm panels, media players and control systems.